Monday, 31 March 2014

What will tanzanite be like in 100 years?

The gemstones take birth in the rarest conditions and in the crust of earth to the limelight. One of them is called Tanzanite, which is found in reddish brown tone and shine with its blue color on getting a heat treatment. They are extremely rare and found only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. It is because of the rarity that this gemstone is raising in demand. Indeed, many of the jewellers have immense pieces of jewelry designs that boast off its beauty. As it is known rare gemstones comes at a price. As compared to reddish brown ones in its raw form; the price of purest blue shade is little lighter than the ones with lesser color of yellow But, there is nothing wrong in paying an amount for a gem stone that deserves. Ever thought as to what will Tanzanite be like in 100 years? 

By looking at the gemstone market, tanzanite has managed to carve a niche for itself. With a high quality appeal and exotic shine, it has managed to win the hearts. In fact, the economic sector of tanzanite lays emphasis on demand and supply, which are on a constant rise. The market of tanzanite is administered by big shots like Tiffany & company of USA, and Tanzanite One of UK. Both are excellent miners and producers of tanzanite jewelery. The shine of this gemstone is such that it has allured many people and the count of admirers is still on. As the popularity charts starts growing, uncountable followers of trend setter gemstone will take birth for investing in these excellent stones.

With the market already in its full pomp, it is projected to rise further. In the near future, the market for tanzanite will see a boom and can also give diamonds a run for their money. The Tanzanite One is running a campaign that associates this gemstone with the birth of your first child. It states of being lucky for the mothers; if they wear the gemstone in appropriate size. As the campaigns come across immense success; it will give tough competition to diamonds that as administered by Dee Beers.

The people are taking tanzanite to be the source of excellent investment. It is because of the resale value and originality. If you have the original one; then, the price will go higher than diamond. In the next few years, the sale graph of tanzanite is set to increase because of its shining appeal. The gemstone is gaining popularity because of its high quality. If the demand for tanzanite gets going like this; then, it is going to surpass other gemstones in the market that are high on value scale. In fact, they will be going to rule the market and slash down diamonds or other gemstones in case of popularity

It is the market for tanzanite that is witnessing a significant jump in the demand. People are willing to pay the price that is asked because of this gemstone’s cuts and shapes. Princess cut, Marquise, Round shaped and oval ones are studded in artistic piece of jewelry. They can be surrounded with smaller stones for enhancing their overall appeal. Certainly, Tanzanite is becoming trend setters and going to rule the gemstone market forever. Its beauty is such that magnificence reflects from every corner. If you are lucky enough to get the purest form of blue; then, it is the rarest piece that you would own. 

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